Hello, y'all! 05/05/2012
Hi! This is Sarah, and this here is news about my stories I'm writing or have written!! :)
Okay, so, I am working on the Fairy bible as y'all know and I am also working on the book called Into the Future :)
Please feel free to comment below what you think about my books and so on :D
Have a blessed day!


Lucy Anne
05/05/2012 11:32am

I like your website, Sarah!

Lucy Anne
05/05/2012 11:34am

But I'm not so sure you should be giving out your email...it might not be safe...cause anyone may look at this site.

I even had someone from Germany (a total stranger) go on my blogspot blog...so it isn't that safe...

05/05/2012 11:54am

I like your website, too :D But I agree with Lucy Anne about not giving out your email address. That's a big no-no :) You could get a virus or just a bad email from either a real person, or a spam bot that haps upon your blog.
Anyways, send me Into the Future and I will edit it!

Sarah Andrews
05/06/2012 1:28pm

Thank you, Laura and Megan, actually...I didn't press the publish to web thing and I didn't plan to. So I didn't think anyone could see it...oh well :P


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